immer gut drauf, immer gut dran

   herz Hearty welcome on the homepage of family Helfinger herz


On our part, we want to present ourselves a little bit of publicity.

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We can offer:
  our holiday home in Spain as a holiday destination
  my skat program Skat2000+

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  The flowers of the South

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  Videos of Oliva

  Attractions in Valencia    Fallas in Valencia    Tour of Valencia



04/03/2012 15:49

Multiple language website designed

Startseite (german), Inicio  (spanish), Homepage (english)
21/02/2012 12:17

Side included for friends

Access to this site is protected (registration required)
09/02/2012 23:09

Video included

of Oliva and Valencia
06/02/2012 12:05

Information for Visitors

Today I uploaded the file (3 parts) with the excursion tours in Spain.
03/02/2012 12:04

Web site set up

Our new website has been launched today. We are constantly adding and embellishing!  

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